We have your eyewear accessories in Saskatoon

In need of some accessories to maintain your eyewear investment or simply to spice up your look? Welcome to Optika! We have a wide variety of goodies to get you well on your way. Stop by and have a peek.

We carry Glasklar lens cleaner from Germany. Lens cleaner is available in two sizes of bottle, the travel size and the large bottle for those of you who enjoy squeaky clean glasses all the time. The bottles are refilled here at the shop for a nominal fee and of course what better way to help reduce waste by recycling and reusing right? The cleaner is safe on all types of lenses, coated or not. Safe for use on mirrored sunglasses too! I myself use it to clean my countertop at Optika, handy creatures those spray bottles!

Our polishing cloths are really meant to be used dry but if you’re patient enough, you can use them with liquid, it just takes a while to get the lenses dried off! They’re also machine washable, but avoid the fabric softeners as they leave a residue on the cloth and then on your lovely anti-reflection coated lenses which is almost impossible to remove. That said, you can also hand wash them and let them dry on the dish rack too!

Everyone should have a hard case to take care of their glasses or sunglasses. Hey the baggies are great for wiping the lenses down, but how sturdy are they when you pop them into a backpack or suitcase? Not very! We offer various sizes of hard cases to fit different types of glasses and sunglasses. Large or small, we can find something that will keep your specs well protected when not is use.

La Loop

La Loop was invented in 1999 – out of necessity. How many times can one look for ones glasses? And wearing those granny leashes—not an option. Why can’t something be functional and stylish and well made? That was the question and La LOOP is the answer. The magical hinges on either side of the loop enable the glasses to stay in place when in the loop. Museum stores and specialty boutiques around the world like Le Bon Marche in Paris, Isetan in Tokyo, Selfridges and Harrods in London and Optical Shops of Aspen in America have recognized La LOOP as an invention – a chic and practical one.


Eyebobs readers for the irreverent and slightly jaded, funky and playful – who says you have to be mature all the time? Eyebobs reading glasses are designed for wearers who demand distinctive, high quality glasses that express their image and smack of attitude. So you’ve always had 20/20 vision, right? Every 8 seconds someone turns 40. This means 1.5 million people are having birthdays and if they don’t already wear reading glasses, they soon will be (97% by the time they are 50). In addition, 1.5 million people have lasik surgery and many more find eyebobs as the perfect adjunct to contacts.

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