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Saskatoon’s eclectic eyewear specialists!

Optika Eclectic Eyeware was established in 1993 to meet the growing demand for high quality funky and functional eyewear in Saskatoon. The original owner, Bev Kernan soon found a niche for Optika and the shop grew along with a loyal following, for which we have always been appreciative of. In 2000, Deborah started as a student dispenser, trained by Bev.

In 2007, Deb and Chris bought the shop from Bev so that she could retire to Vancouver Island to be close to her parents. Deborah has continued on in the tradition that Bev started, catering to the ever expanding group of Optika customers who are looking to stand apart from the crowd, whether subtly or by having glasses that scream for attention.

Deborah Perry, L.O.

The L.O. stands for licensed optician and I’m very proud of that designation. I started at Optika as a student dispensing optician in 2000, and was lucky enough to have the original owner of Optika, Bev Kernan, train me. Eyewear is a passion of mine and as many of you already know, you very seldom see me in the same pair of glasses twice. I strive to ensure that everyone who comes to Optika for eyewear not only gets the best service I can provide, but also leaves with the eyewear that they absolutely love. My husband and I have owned the shop since 2007 and are so very pleased that we have the best customers who gladly – and very proudly – tell others where their eyewear came from. I’d like to say thank you to all of you who put your trust in me and continue to support Optika, business has grown exponentially because of all of you!

Loki the Mischief Maker

Loki, dog of Mischief and Chaos, is the newest addition to our happy little family. Loki is now almost three years old and is quite a character. He has a tendency to try and wrestle with people, he sometimes forgets that not everyone wants to get rowdy with him. He loves everyone and we are sure he will be as adored as Furnace and Fawkes have been. We found we simply could not continue on without another squishy face to love and call our own. Loki is on restricted movement at the present as he seriously will try to wrestle everyone, he loves coat sleeves, he’s not malicious but he does enjoy trying to pull people closer to him to get them to play. It’s amazing how quickly you forget how much attention and training puppies require.

Fawkes the Imp

Fawkes, the imp, has been with us for the last eight years, and came to us by way of family. He is a bit of a grump at times but when he’s feeling affectionate, he is sure to let you know. He enjoys tempting people to pet him, but please do not pet Fawkes, he is a biter and a mischief maker. Fawkes loves sitting in the windows and watching the world go by, and will put on quite a show if it’s another four legged creature wandering past Optika. Fawkes is working towards the infamy Furnace had, and he is getting there. Especially when he’s hanging out in the windows!

Furnace the Wonder Dog

Furnace made his first appearance Optika in the fall of 2005, when he was about three months old. He was our first boxer and definitely our baby as well. He came to work with me every day until he had a brief bout of crazy at eighteen months of age, as many of Optika’s customers can attest to. After the purchase of the shop, Furnace became a fixture at Optika, and he enjoyed the attention and affection very much. Furnace had such huge character as many of you know and enjoyed wrestling with those who encouraged it. It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to Furnace the wonder dog after nine amazing years with him. He passed peacefully in his sleep after a brief bout with very aggressive mast cell cancer on July 20th, 2014. He will always be loved and always be missed.

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